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Nigerians blast Traditionalist for sharing items for his sacrifice on Facebook

A Nigerian Traditionalist, Onyeozi Chukwunonso has come under attack for sharing photos of items for his sacrifice and denouncing ‘Jesus Christ’ on Facebook.

Traditionalist show of items for sacrificeA Nigerian hardcore traditionalist (pictured left) who goes by the name Onyeozi Chukwunonso Obijiofor Nwolisa on Facebook, has been highly criticized and blasted for sharing photos of the items for his sacrifice, which include a goat, fowl and a calabash containing leaves and others.

According to him, ‘I do all My Sacrifice no white man do it for me on the cross so stop deceiving yourself I valued This thing here than Jesus.’

Although, a few friends of his are in support of the gesture and have praised him for coming out to speak against God.

Read their comments below….