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15 Baby Photoshoots Gone Wrong


Having a photo shoot of your sweet baby is all the rage right now. Stars from Kim K to Beyonce go all out, hiring the best photographers, dressing their kids up in the finest clothes, and capturing all those perfect moments to share with the world.

For those of us without a Hollywood budget, there’s Pinterest to make our photo shoot dreams a reality. But what Pinterest doesn’t show you is how to get your kiddo to behave properly. Or keep their bowel movements to themselves. We think that we’re going to capture our tiny angel in all her giggly perfection, but instead we end up with a small demon glaring down the lens of the camera.

Never fear, mama, you are not alone. As you’ll see in this list of babies who set out to ruin their photo shoots, there are many moms and dads in the same boat as you! Instead of getting upset about your failed attempts at star quality photography, grab a glass of wine and laugh at all the other parents who are completely embarrassed by their children’s lack of photogenic qualities. Because there’s nothing better than realizing that someone else’s kid is worse than yours. Cheers to you, mom.

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